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About Nanopool

About Us

Since the inception of cryptocurrencies until recently, cryptocurrency mining was limited to technology professionals and was not convenient or hassle-free, even for them. And with increasing difficulty and hardware requirements, it is becoming difficult to maintain good profits without appropriate technical expertise from cryptocurrency mining.

But not anymore. Nanopool provides an amazing cryptocurrency mining opportunity that provides daily payouts and an earning potential of up to $10,240. Nano mining pool services coupled with attractive compensation plans and cost-effective mining together potentiate the returns you get and sets Nanopool apart from the rest of the mining industry. Nano pool is an end to end mining service provider that facilitates its economic mining service throughout the world. Nanopool by its effective mining technology and perseverance gives its users attractive mining payouts and prolongs the profit factor.

Nanopool users can allocate the hash power they own to a mining pool of their choice. Nanopool mining service combined with an efficient mining pool is a profitable combination and users directly receive mined cryptocurrency in their wallets. Nanopool offers efficient mining services with the help of low electricity rates and expert engineers who have a vast experience in cryptocurrency mining. Based on their prolonged experience tech experts at Nanopool ensure the stability of the mining hardware, clock speed and more to generate sustainable and growing profits for users.

How Nano delivers profits? Nanopool has also induced an innovative payment system to avail all its services which is the Nano Token. NANO is a smart contract based {ERC20} token on Ethereum blockchain. Once a Nano token returns to the company it is burned in order to maintain token value and stability. Consistent returns and services are the core vision that Nanopool emphasizes. Nanopool changes the
perception of mining by providing unmatched services and profit-centric model. Unlike other mining companies, Nanopool provides huge profits daily, making Nanopool a unique mining platform, which introduced {ERC20} based nano token.

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Nano Mission

Nanopool aims to be a prominent and effective mining service provider by making hosting mining rigs effective and profitable. To make people aware of the prolific nature of cryptocurrencies and make mining profitable with best returns through tokens and daily profits. Nanopool emphasises on generating value for the customers by addressing their needs and delivering profits.


Nano Vision

Nano mining token provides a convenient way for cryptocurrency mining, making it available to the masses with cheaper prices, compared to others in the business. Cryptocurrency mining is becoming increasingly expensive and getting out of the reach of common people. Nanopool, therefore, intends to instigate enthusiasm in people by making them aware of crypto technology and let them earn more profits from easily accessible cryptocurrency mining services.


Cryptocurrency mining has now become a fruitful investment alternative across the world, with more and more people showing interest to earn more. Mining earlier could be done by any of the computing devices but due to the difficulty in the algorithms, it got more intense over time. Data sorting and calculations in mining have been taken care of by advanced automated machines known as Antminers and GUIs which are capable of intense mining and yielding profits. However, despite the huge mining power and accuracy there still are several challenges faced by miners, which are as follows.

1) Mining setup and establishment costs.
2) Hardware maintenance.
3) High costs of commercial electricity worldwide.


Cryptocurrency is a known term, to relate to beginners, any transaction when completed and updated on a blockchain, results in a cryptocurrency reward. To generate more of such rewards, by solving algorithms and updating the transactions on the blockchain is known as mining.In simple terms using mining hardware to generate cryptocurrency by solving complex algorithms is known as cryptocurrency mining. In a nutshell, people solve math problems to score cryptocurrencies as a reward.

Mining used to be a simple and profitable process in the past due to the easy calculations and requirement of simple hardware. As more people began knowing about cryptocurrency and their profitable nature the race to earn profits rendered cryptocurrency mining a daunting task. It is simply because the number of participants was not that high. Eventually, it occurred to be a monetary beneficial proposition and more people became interested in the rewarding technology. As a result, the participation ratio rapidly got high. The simple fundamental of any cryptocurrency is that it could be mined or generated not above a certain pre-decided number.

Generally, the difficulty level to solve the equations/ mine the cryptocurrency increases with every block. In other words, as more participants get into cryptocurrency mining, fixed reward gets distributed to them once they solve a particular block. It's because of which the reward is reduced after a certain period of time. Once the pre-announced number of total coins to be mined is reached, the mining of that coin halts and the cryptocurrency remains on the exchange to be traded. After which, the cost starts varying completely on the basis of demand and supply.

What is pool mining?

To set up a cryptocurrency mining unit is not an easy or cost-effective process. Although it takes ample expertise and expenses, yet anyone and everyone can participate in cryptocurrency mining and get good profits, without being an expert in almost anything. People simply pay for the aforementioned challenges in a collective format, and mine cryptocurrency. This way of mining cryptocurrency is known as pool mining. Pool mining, in other words, helps you mine cryptocurrencies with many people in the same group and simply divide the shares according to the labour or mining power utilized by each.

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Introduction to Nanominingpool

Opportunity Ahead

Opportunity Ahead

Nano tokens Nano tokens are a remarkable method to pay for Nanopool mining services and earn profits on a daily basis. Nano tokens are {ERC20} tokens on Ethereum blockchain ensuring the security and privacy of users of tokens and complying with the protocols set in the first place. Use of Nano token makes cryptocurrency mining easily accessible and hassle-free. Nano token act as power token which has been in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) phase since late 2017. The other property of the Nano tokens is that the Nano tokens get burnt once you use them and that increases its worth and future sustainability.

Users need to purchase Nano tokens to qualify for mining with Nano tokens. Another remarkable feature of the Nano tokens is its ability to be sold and purchased over and over again. You can not only mine with Nano tokens but also trade it. You have both scenarios to choose from. Isn't that wonderful?

Nano Token ICO

ICO Token launch to fund the development of upcoming Facilities


ICO Period

90 Days


Total Coin



Minted on

ETH Blockchain

Mine anywhere with Nano Pool


Best in class mining equipments, customizable, and capable of economic mining even under strain


Optimized mining setup with cost effective electricity supply

Minimum Risk

Highly secure as it uses Ethereum public blockchain.

Online Support

Online Support


Support and back office

You can reach our official support to talk about the project and learn more about cryptocurrency mining and money making through it. Our advisors will help you make your mining profits huge and crisp.


Online Chat Support Adviser

The perfect place to reach us and have an interactive conversation. Our chat representatives will guide you through Nanopool and provide you information about mining as well as resolve your queries. .


Live Video Support

Indulge in a live video on skype and have a hearty conversation with our deft trainer/ advisor who will entertain all your queries and educate you on cryptocurrency mining.


Instant Email Support

Have something more in mind? write to us at [email protected] our team would respond as quickly as possible. Nanopool welcomes your suggestions and complaints and we are always eager to help and facilitate new development.

Why Nano Pool

High power consumption and lack of economical electricity is a major problem that miners face


Setting and maintaining the Mining setup is demanding and requires extensive knowledge of mining.


Nano Pool


Nano pool has taken extensive care of power concerns and is operating with one of the best available electricity rates


Nanopool has professionals providing 24x7 maintenance for your mining setup.

About the CEO

Michael Smith is a foresighted man with unnerving qualities. Despite rigorous working of 18 hours a day he manages to be vital enough to kickstart the following one.
He is an avid reader and full of insight and has put all of those dynamics into one company, Nanopool. His academia includes marketing, leadership, business strategy and market research etc. Beyond the accolades and awards, Mr Smith strives nothing short of perfection and excellence. His passion is contagious, his knowledge is powerful.

Personal Connection

Mr Smith enjoys travelling, sporting events, social gatherings and public speaking. He is an avid reader and writer. He is an optimist and evaluates risks and benefits immaculately. He is an agile person fond of golf, running, and cycling. Impervious to failures and has a positive stance toward determination. These innate qualities make him quite prudent in leadership.


Terrence Micheal Hawley

Tech Advisor

Dynamic, results-oriented techie with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations. Expert in Strategic technical planning, Goal oriented, Talented in Sales & Marketing.


Domingo Ndala

Developer & Mining Advisor

A web developer for over 5 years. Domingo has worked on Multiple of high end ecommerce projects including custom web/database designs. Custom payment solutions, saas projects, custom dating sites etc. Three years experience in Cryptocurrency based projects.


Vytas Mik

Tech Advisor

Vytas has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2011. Self taught programmer and blockchain evangelist. Successfully completed few projects on blockchain before joining Nanopool. Good in strategy and marketing.


Sandra White

PR & Marketing Analyst

Over 4 years of experience in ICT & digital advertising and marketing with strong analytical skills and vast experience. Deft in analyzing and sifting through large sets of data. Makes absolute data driven decisions, marketing genius and has a broader technical expertise.