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ICO commenced on 02 Feb 2018!!


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About Us

People have been facing inconvenience since the inception of cryptocurrency mining and it has proved to be a huge hassle. Profitable mining is now is too difficult to pursue and make good amounts of money.


Nano mining pool services coupled with attractive compensation plans and cost-effective mining together potentiate the returns you get. Nano pool is an end to end mining service provider that facilitates its economic mining services throughout the world.

Nanopool users can allocate the hash power they own to a mining pool of their choice. This is a profitable combination and users directly receive the mined cryptocurrency in their wallets. Nanopool offers efficient mining services with the help of low electricity rates and veteran personnel who have a vast experience in mining. Based on their prolonged experience tech enthusiasts at Nanopool ensures the stability of the mining hardware, clock speed and more to generate ample amount of profits for users.

Nanopool has also induced an innovative payment system to avail all its services which is the Nano Token. It is an Ethereum's parented smart contract based ERC20 token. Once a Nano token returns to the company it is burned in order to maintain token value and stability. Best returns and services are one of the core visions that Nanopool emphasizes. Nanopool changes the perception of mining by providing unmatched services and is profit-centric to the core.


Nano Mission

Nanopool aims to be the prominent and effective mining service provider all around the world. To make people aware of the prolific nature of cryptocurrencies and to join shoulders for a new decentralized era coming our way. Nanopool emphasizes an immediate concern on the value of the customer's profits and needs.


Nano Vision

To make convenient mining available to the masses with cheaper prices when compared to others in the business. Mining is expensive and getting out of reach of common people. Nanopool intends to instigate enthusiasm in people by making them aware of this technology. Prosperity has been one of the major driving forces at Nanopool.

Nano Token ICO

ICO Token launch to fund the development of upcoming Facilities


ICO Period

90 Days


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ETH Blockchain

Mine anywhere with Nano Pool


Best in class mining equipments, customizable, and capable of economic mining even under strain


Optimized mining setup with cost effective electricity supply

Minimum Risk

Highly secure as it uses Ethereum public blockchain.

Online Support



Online Chat Support Adviser

Reach out to us on the chat support where our chat representatives will guide you through the platform and the concept as well.


Live Video Support

Indulge in a live video on skype and have hearty conversation with our deft personnel who will entertain all your queries and educate you about the same.


Instant Email Support

Have something more in mind? write to us at [email protected] our team would respond as quick as possible.

Why Nano Pool

High power consumption and lack of economical electricity is a major problem that miners face


Setting and maintaining the Mining setup is demanding and requires extensive knowledge of mining.



Nano pool has taken extensive care of power concerns and is operating with one of the best available electricity rates


Nanopool has professionals providing 24x7 maintenance for your mining setup.

About the CEO

Michael Smith is a foresighted man with unnerving qualities. Despite rigorous working of 18 hours a day he manages to be vital enough to kickstart the following one.
He is an avid reader and full of insight and has put all of those dynamics into one company, Nanopool. His academia includes marketing, leadership, business strategy and market research etc. Beyond the accolades and awards, Mr Smith strives nothing short of perfection and excellence. His passion is contagious, his knowledge is powerful.

Personal Connection

Mr Smith enjoys travelling, sporting events, social gatherings and public speaking. He is an avid reader and writer. He is an optimist and evaluates risks and benefits immaculately. He is an agile person fond of golf, running, and cycling. Impervious to failures and has a positive stance toward determination. These innate qualities make him quite prudent in leadership.


Terrence Micheal Hawley

Tech Advisor

Dynamic, results-oriented techie with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high-paced organizations. Expert in Strategic technical planning, Goal oriented, Talented in Sales & Marketing.


Domingo Ndala

Developer & Mining Advisor

A web developer for over 5 years. Domingo has worked on Multiple of high end ecommerce projects including custom web/database designs. Custom payment solutions, saas projects, custom dating sites etc. Three years experience in Cryptocurrency based projects.


Vytas Mik

Tech Advisor

Vytas has been a blockchain enthusiast since 2011. Self taught programmer and blockchain evangelist. Successfully completed few projects on blockchain before joining Nanopool. Good in strategy and marketing.


Sandra White

PR & Marketing Analyst

Over 4 years of experience in ICT & digital advertising and marketing with strong analytical skills and vast experience. Deft in analyzing and sifting through large sets of data. Makes absolute data driven decisions, marketing genius and has a broader technical expertise.